The "Let Us Pay You!" Referral Program

For every member you refer to us and they sign up, we will pay YOU $20 per month and you receive that for as long as they, and you remain members with us.

1 referral = $20/ month = $240/year
 2 referrals = $40/ month = $480/year
 5 referrals = $100/ month = $1,200/year
 10 referrals = $200/ month = $2,400/year

When a new referred member comes in they will need to fill out the new client form with the referral clients name (without this no referral). The referred member receive $25 off their first session.

*Here is the email template incase the button doesn't work.*

To: (Potential Member's Email)


Subject: Interested in doing Pilates with me? Check out The Pilates Klinik!


Hi (First Name Of The Potential Member You Are Referring),

I would like to introduce you to Robyn – the manager of The Pilates Klinik, (cc’d on this email)

Robyn and the rest of the team have been helping me with Pilates for the past (Insert Timeframe).

I am referring The Pilates Klinik to you because I have been so happy with the services they provide, and the way in which they connect with all the members who attend. It’s a great community of people!

The Pilates Klinik definitely provides a 5-star experience for all of those who attend.

Please tell them I sent you and you’ll get $25 off your first session

I will let Robyn take it from here to contact you and answer any questions that you may have!

(Your Name)

*Here is a text message template you can also send them*


Hi (First Name Of The Potential Member You Are Referring),

I’ve been going to Pilates at The Pilates Klinik in Joondalup and I thought you might want to give it a go yourself! 

I’ve got a discount I can give to someone and i thought of you. Please tell them I sent you and you’ll get $25 off your first session. Let me know if you decide to call them up! 

(Your Name)

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For This Referral Program

1. Members must have an active membership themselves to benefit from the program.

2. The referred member who joins does not benefit from this, however, they themselves can in turn refer others and benefit from the program. 

3. Monthly referral bonuses will be automatically deducted, if a bonus is not applied it is because the terms and conditions have not been met. 

4. If the referred member cancels their membership or suspends for more than 2 months in a calendar year, you will lose their referral relationship bonuses if they choose to return or continue. 

5. If the referred member suspends their membership the bonus is also paused until they return. Both parties must be active to receive a bonus. 

6. Previous multi family discounts will be eliminated and replaced with this referral bonus structure.

7. Referral program starts from July 1st only – no previous referrals count towards this program. This is an in-house referral system and only members who attend the Centre are eligible to participate.

8. For the referral to count you must introduce us via email and the client must write your name down on the new client form as their referral source. If either of these conditions are not met, our referral software cannot track it and you will miss out on the referral payment. 

9. If you refer someone who filled out a new client form or online profile prior or, has already attended a session, the referral credit does not count.

10. You do not need to use the template above, you can customise it and make it your own. That is just there to give you an idea.

11. If you call the person you are referring before sending the email instructions, they will be much more likely to sign up :) 

12. Please don’t forget to cc Robyn in the introduction