The "Let Us Pay You!" Referral Program

For every member you refer who joins you as a member, we will pay YOU $20 per month and you receive that for as long as they, and you remain members with us.

1 referral = $20/ month = $240/year
 2 referrals = $40/ month = $480/year
 5 referrals = $100/ month = $1,200/year
 10 referrals = $200/ month = $2,400/year

When a new referred member comes in they will need to fill out a new client form. All the new person needs to do is add your name to the form to be eligible.

Tell Your Friends To Mention Your Name During Sign Up To Receive Your Referral Bonus

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For This Referral Program

1. Members must have an active membership themselves to benefit from the program.

2. If the referred member suspends their membership the bonus is also paused until they return. Both parties must be active to receive a bonus. 

3. If you refer someone who filled out a new client form or online profile prior or, has already attended a session, the referral credit does not count.

4. Monthly referral bonuses will be automatically deducted, if a bonus is not applied it is because the terms and conditions have not been met. 

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